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16 x 19 String Pattern

Synergy React Titanium

16 x 19 String Pattern Length: 36', 18'M, 18'X, 2PR

Power: 57-62 lbs.
Control: 63-67 lbs.

Pattern: 16M x 19X

Start M's at throat. M's skip 8H and 8T. No shared holes. Start X's at 8H.

M's at 6T,
X's at 5H and 11T.

Key to Abbreviations

Prince requires X's to be installed from top to bottom on all its racquets. Beware, bottom to top installation of X's will void the warranty.

Unless otherwise specified, one-piece stringing is recommended, although 2-piece stringing is optional.

M = Main String

L = Left Side

H = Head (top)

X = Cross String

R = Right Side

T = Throat

ss = short side (1 piece stringing)

2PR = 2 piece stringing required

2PO = 2 piece stringing option

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