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My Equipment

Gamma Hopper 50
My old ball hopper

Gamma Roller Hopper 150 (x2)
SWEET new ball hoppers - Got 2 of these actually :)

Aircast Armband

My Aircast Pneumatic Armband applies more pressure where it counts and it's real comfortable too.  Only need it the first week or two of the season, so not sure how useful it really is for the price, but oh well... nice to have around.

Courtside Sports sells it for $25 - best price in town.

Turned out to be a waste of money though because about a month into the season we no longer had any arm pain.  So it was an over-reaction to nothing.

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One of our new Babolat Pure Control rackets.

Prince React Titanium Racquet

Here's a look at one of our old racquets, which I think is was real pretty, but it played poorly.

Click to view stringing pattern

Pro Kennex Graphite Comp

My backup racquet from the late 80s which I did use for quite a long time.

Heavy compared to titanium racquets, but a nice solid feel to it.  Enjoyed this one for quite a while, don't think I paid much for it so it doesn't owe me a cent.

L'Oréal Ombrelle

Sport Spray SPF15 Sunscreen

Don't even think about hitting the courts without sunscreen!

I like this one because it's a spray, so I don't feel like I've got a lot of goop all over me.  I even spray a little on my hair part.

New Balance

The shoes I like best... on
or off the court.


My new NewBalance
2001 Tennis shoes  :)


Old Equipment.


Head / AMF
Arthur Ashe Competition Graphite Racquet

This was my racquet
in the early 80s

Pride & Joy Dept.

Wilson Chris Evert Autograph

What a treat to own... from the 70s - very special.

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