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Moonstruck Filming Locations

Where Loretta is walking on her way to her accounting client (Conti Funeral Chapel)

Not an important scene, but an easily identifiable one, for those who are convinced New York was recreated in Toronto... from what I can tell all interior scenes were but clearly not all exterior shots were.


Grand Ticino (Cranberry & Hicks)

This is a veterinarian's office that is said to be the location set of the Grand Ticino.  Obviously extensive set design work was done but why not just use the real Grand Ticino restaurant which was very close to the opening scenes location over by Washington Square Park on Thompson Street? (Since closed)  Sometimes I think the restaurant set was in Toronto... and I don't just mean the interior either.


Castorini House (19 Cranberry St)

When this house in Brooklyn Heights was on the market a couple years ago I wished I had 5M to buy it and recreate the moonstruck house.  As you can see from the floorplan it would have taken a LOT of work as it would need converting back into a single family home.  After being on the market for a couple of years it finally sold for about 4M.  Watch for scenes at the front door, where the view to across the street goes from being there to being a white opaqueness on the Toronto set.


Where Loretta has Johnny's car parked in Little Italy after dropping him off at the airport

Is that the same attendant's shack even!


Sweetheart Wines and Liquors (where Regal Handbags is)

Supposedly the location of Sweetheart Wines and Liquors
Loretta walks directly towards it after getting out of the car,
but then approaches it from the far direction for the camera.


Naidre's served as Cammarari Bros Bakery/Ronny's
(with access to cellar and the door to Ronny's upstairs apt. on the North side)